Experiencing faith, life, community, and donuts. 


Trinity's student ministries is a small group of young people who come together Thursdays from 6-8pm to discuss and experience the Gospel.

David Lange leads the youth group, hoping to be an example of a life responding to grace and mercy

When: Thursdays @ 6:00pm (come hungry!) 

Where: 1301 Osos St. SLO, In the fellowship hall

Who: Students 6th-12th grade/facilitated by David Lange



We want students, parents, and potential volunteers to know that student safety is very important to us. Therefore, all volunteers for youth ministry are background checked before getting involved.

would you like to volunteer youth ministry?

Here's a few things we look for in a youth leader:

- Believe in the value of youth and their experiences;

- Love to hang; 

- Are NOT parents of youth members (sorry parents);

- Don’t believe they have all the answers but love to create space for questions and discussion, all while pointing kids to Jesus.   


volunteer in youth ministry

David lange

Student Ministries Director