Jon Medlock

Jon grew up in a small town in north Alabama. After graduating from high school, he went to college in Atlanta, GA, and then on to law school in Birmingham, AL. He then began practicing law. Spending time in the world of corporate and commercial litigation taught him a great respect for those who work for justice in a system that does not always value it. 

It also taught him that this was not his calling, and after seven years, Jon left his law practice and enrolled as a student at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, MO. In 2005, he began serving as Assistant Pastor at Covenant Presbyterian Church in St. Louis. In 2010 Jon accepted a call to serve as Trinity's pastor. 

Jon and his wife Laurabeth have 4 awesome kids, Andrew, Jack, Chloe and Molly. 

Jon is passionate about these things (in roughly this order):

The Gospel
- by which God, through the work of Jesus, is forgiving sin, restoring brokenness, redeeming all of creation, and calling his people to push back against the effects of the fall.

- as a window of insight into the ways people bear God's image, create things of beauty and worth, and express our longing for redemption. 

The St. Louis Cardinals

- as a hobby and creative outlet.

Mystery Novels
(especially British mysteries)


Jon can be reached at