Firstfruits Farm is dedicated to growing the freshest, organically grown fruits and vegetables for people in need.


Firstfruits Farm is dedicated to growing the freshest, organically grown fruits and vegetables for the SLO Veteran’s Services Center, the Food Bank, the Women’s Shelter, The Salvation Army, and low income senior citizens in San Luis Obispo, California. The operation is accomplished entirely by dedicated volunteers made up of community members, veterans, and the food recipients themselves.  These volunteers gain farm work experience and agricultural education as they work together to keep the farm productive.  The farm generates no income, and is completely non-profit, donor-driven, and volunteer-run. 

There are many generous donors who provide food to the economically disadvantaged in the community.  Often, however, the food that is donated is "seconds", leftover, expired, or wilted.  Additionally, much of the donated food is packaged and processed.  The need for fresh, wholesome, organically grown fruits and vegetables is readily apparent.  We decided that our fellow veterans and neighbors who may be struggling to make ends meet should have our "firstfruits" - the best our land can provide.  So we set out to do something about it.  We now grow, harvest and deliver hundreds of pounds of the highest quality, fresh produce every week to hundreds of families and individuals in our community.  All of our produce is provided at no cost to the recipients. 

We strive to keep our costs low, but we do have expenses.  We must seek donations to cover these costs to keep the farm in operation.  Your tax-deductible contribution will directly impact the lives of hundreds of families in this community. 

how to volunteer

Thanks your interest in volunteering to come out to plant, weed and harvest! Click the link below to get on our first fruits farm contact list and then simply come out to help when you receive the emails with dates and times!


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