Justin Edmonds

Justin grew up in Hayward, California. After high school, he entered the military. After his military training ended, he attended Dordt College in Idaho where he majored in English. Soon after graduation he moved to SLO, and started attending Trinity. Not long after that, he met the love of his life, Kerrin, and they married soon after. They now have 3 little ones and reside in Atascadero. 



West Fletcher

West has been part of Trinity since he moved to San Luis Obispo with his family at the age of 7. He greatly enjoys working with his hands by building furniture and learning new construction skills. In his spare time you can find him hunting with his father and faithful companion, Boom, playing a game of chess at a local cafe or grabbing a beer with friends at Spikes.




George Harris

George was born in 1950. The Lord saved him by His grace in 1983. He has lived one half of his life in darkness and the other in His light. He is so thankful for his new life in Christ, which freed him from a directionless life that was failing in the grip and misery of sin. He is excited, as the years continue, that the sure hope of redemption is becoming more and more realized in his heart.  He follows expectantly with a desire to live a life that might glorify God.



Ryan Miller

Ryan came from Sacramento to San Luis Obispo in 1993 to study journalism at Cal Poly. While there, he got plugged into InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and Trinity Presbyterian Church. Now, he works as a local editor and tries to keep up with his wife, two daughters, and son. He also sings and plays the piano as a member of Trinity’s worship team. And he reads. A lot.



Tom Slater

Tom Slater moved to the central coast in 1989 to attend Cal Poly. He teaches English at Mesa Middle School in Arroyo Grande. Tom is an active surfer and rock climber and has a small photography business. He and his wife Emily have attended Trinity for over 12 years. They have a son, Owen, and a daughter, Charlotte.



Dennis Westberg

Dennis Westberg is a retired contractor who has attended Trinity since 1997. He has three adult children (two daughters and a son) and will have been married 40 years in November to his wife Gail. He loves to read, walk, play with his dog Birdie and has recently discovered the joys of gardening. Though he's lived in CA for many years, he a Minnesotan at heart.